Today, I am thankful for my friend in my campaigns group who is meticulous as I am in turning in QUALITY work. It’s becoming more and more obvious that without her, it would’ve been me staying up all night proofreading the rough draft AND doing all of the creative work (as I have done in past advertising classes.) It sucks being a perfectionist, because you are ALWAYS placed in a position of extreme anxiety and worry to get things done correctly. Well, you can be a perfectionist and not be stressed out, but that’s never been the case for me.

I’m feeling kind of sad that in two weeks or so, a lot of my friends are graduating college. I was planning to graduate in May, but that plan got changed to August because I needed one more class for my minor. It would be sad to say farewell to familiar faces, including my best friends and my roommates. I’m even sad to see the people I’ve never actually bonded with, move on with their lives. I guess I just don’t like change much.

I forgot to post this, but I decided to attend Central Washington University for Ed.S in School Psychology (and certification in BCBA, hopefully). Yes, Washington State, it’s going to be an exciting and scary change! Shoutout to my parents for helping me out financially. They are the reason why I can keep learning what I love, in a state that I love.


I love it when my psychology classes overlap with advertising. Module 4 activity for my Eating Disorders class was to develop a campaign to raise awareness of any of the disorders we talked about during lecture. I decided to do my campaign on Bulimia Nervosa. This is the poster design I came up with:


I was originally going to draw a slice of pizza instead of a burger, but I think the burger had better colors for me to work with. Also, I’m proud of the fact that I finally memorized how to add distressing textures to objects without having to Google how to do it. Expand, Merge, and Wand.


Okay, so here’s the big reveal! I didn’t want to say anything until now because I was still waiting to hear back from all of my schools. Gonna skip the schools I didn’t get into and tell you guys the two opportunities that lie before me! So the first school I heard back from was Central Washington University, in Ellensburg Washington. Their school psychology program was the first in the state so the program is really respected, and also the state has TONS of openings for school psychologists + lots of jobs for behavior analysts. I really want to be certified in ABA in addition to School Psychology, so this is a great opportunity for me to do just that. 

Option 2 is University of Central Florida! I honestly wasn’t expecting to get in, because I thought I did bad on the interview. My roommates and friends have told me that I’m my worst critic, so maybe they were right? Anyways, I received an email from them today saying that I was accepted into their program which is NEAT because 1) Solid curriculum 2) In-State tuition 3) Commuting from home (aka parents’ house) is possible. 

Now, I have to decide whether I want to go to Washington or stay in Florida. My dad is obviously leaning towards the cheaper option (UCF), but I don’t know, I really want to start something new somewhere else. But I really do like UCF and the faculty seemed super nice when I met them. Ooooooh I don’t know I don’t know! I have to give UCF my answer by March 31st and Central Washington by April 1st! 

Happy Holi!


Happy Holi!

So today was really fun! I got up early (and by early, I mean around 10ish) and went to an event sponsored by UF’s Indian Student Association. Holi, or The Festival of Colors, happens once a year to commemorate the beginning of Spring. Students are given two bags of colored powder to throw at each other as a form of blessing. :) I went with my best friend from high school and it was a BLAST. We threw powder at each other and at random people…At the very end, a guy in a firetruck hosed us down with water and right after that, we joined a tide of students slide around in the mud. Kinda beat the purpose of getting hosed, but man was it fun.


UMMMM SOOOO something amazing and extremely relevant to this blog happened last Friday…but I can’t write about it yet, because it’s not official ;) . I will definitely fill you guys in once I am ready to disclose this top secret piece of information! :D

In the meantime, I made these for my Differential Instructions class. One is a choice board for 4th graders and the other one is a vocabulary center activity for advanced 11th graders.

Choice Board