Hi, all! So life has been really busy with my new job; which is a good thing because most of my summers in the past have been spent either sleeping or watching TV. Well, THIS YEAR, I’ve been working almost full time and earning a big ol’ paycheck! :) The best part about my job is that my gift shop is ALWAYS busy – meaning that my 7 hour shift usually goes by super fast, even if I work until 4am (as I’ve done four nights in a row last week.) Being busy has its costs, though; I’m tired during the day, and I barely see my friends/family since my schedule is so wacky.

Besides work, I’ve been waiting forever for my dad to get me a car…and it finally happened – today! The car he got me is a Subaru forester and it comes with heating seats (which would be perfect for Washington.) I’m so thankful to receive such a great car, and also, really stoked to pimp it out. If I have time tomorrow, I’m planning to look up cute seat covers and license plate frames. I’ll decide on its name later :)


GREAT NEWS! Interview with Disney went really well and they gave me a seasonal position at Magic Kingdom! I’m super excited because one, that’s my favorite park. Two, Cast Member perks include getting discounts anywhere inside the park and mark this – FREE entry into the park with family and friends SIX TIMES per work term. I’m so excited for this job that I’m not even slightly upset that the orientation is on July 5th (MY BIRTHDAY!) For the first time in well, forever, I get to work in Merchandise and NOT FOODSERVICE! My interviewer warned me that the hours are crazy at Magic Kingdom but I’m more than ready! :)

I get my badge and everything on Thursday! Much excite. 




Soooooo I finally learned how to put eyeliner on by myself for the Toga party! I know, at age 22, I should be ashamed…BUT IT IS SO HARD. Especially if you have my Asian eyes (with no double-lids for guidance.) Makeup turned out decent though and I’m proud of myself! Hehe :)

The trip to St. Augustine got cancelled at the last minute because my friend was called in for work. I was kind of disappointed, but the weather was really bad later that day so I think everything kind of happened for a reason.

This is the second to the final week of school. Like I said in my previous post, I’M READY TO GO! I know once I wrap up classes, I’ll probably miss UF like crazy…For now, though, I’m dying to leave Gainesville and do absolutely nothing at home. Well, actually, “nothing” would be an overstatement. I’m thinking of finding a seasonal job either at Disney or Universal Studios since they’re close to my parents’ house and I have friends working at both of those places. It would be nice to work in an amusement park at least once in your life, right? I figure this is a good way to save up some money before grad school and also, enjoy my last huzzah in this state that profits so much from tourism.


I’ve had a terrible migraine for the last two days and I’m pretty sure it’s because of this nasty weather. Nasty meaning the typical Florida weather: hot, humid, and hellish. Combine that with senioritis, my motivation for learning has completely SHUT DOWN. I skipped my stats class twice this week, and if attendance weren’t required for my other class, I would’ve skipped that too. I’m really counting down the days until I can get out of Gainesville so I can enjoy the little summer that I have left before my move to Washington. 

Fun/Good things that happened today:

  • Got my grade back from my first Stats II exam! Perfect score of 100 ow owwww! ;)
  • Went shopping with my friend and got goodies for the Toga party on Saturday
  • Got invited to go to St.Augustine on Sunday

I’m excited for the fun weekend…but I have a 1000 word paper to write by tomorrow, and two chapters to read for my Economic Geography class by Monday :/. It’s funny that the one class that I was counting on to get an easy A in is causing me the most torment. Seems like every other day we have group work that leads to presentations (neither of which I’m too fond of.) Sighhh just two more weeks!



I noticed that when I have my blog open in Firefox, one of my flyers shows up in CMYK. I didn’t notice it before because I always use Safari, and that automatically converts the colors to RGB for some reason (which is good, I guess.)

I’ll fix it later…Farewell, nasty neon flyer.