group counseling class

Today, I finally got to meet my professor for the group counseling class. Introverted as I am, I’m kind of nervous about how this class is going to go – she mentioned that we would have to lead a discussion and she will assign one of our peers to cause mayhem (interruptions, asking difficult questions, not participating, etc.) I know in the field, having noncompliant children is common so I see where she is getting at with this assignment…but still. Improv isn’t my thing AT ALL, so I am dreading the day I have to present! :(

Something that I am super excited is this: I get to make a mock-up flyer/brochure for the class! I’ve been DYING to get some of my creativity out, so I’m beyond stoked about this! We also get to do an obstacle course at the end of the quarter with our cohort, which is part of a team-building activity. Happy days are ahead…after the leading-the-group-discussion-with-interruptions assignment.

kind of personal

Yesterday I spoke to my mom on the phone in Japanese and I felt like a handicapped child. It’s frustrating sometimes when the language you speak is very restrictive; and by restrictive, I mean that there’s only a handful of people in my life who speak it, and half the time these people don’t want to talk/listen to me. I wish Japanese was as prevalent as Spanish; then I would have more opportunities to speak it and maybe sound like I actually know what I’m talking about.

I don’t know if you all can tell, but I’ve been in a slightly pissy mood lately. I know it’s only been a day since I uploaded my “happy” post, but I decided to keep the negativity out of that piece of fantastic writing because it was my first post for April.

It’s kind of weird because what’s been irritating me are very minute things; NOTHING related to school and, well, the here-and-now. It’s something small like someone not responding timely on facebook even though they have read the message, or like giving me a super sassy answer to a question I wanted a genuine answer for. Or someone I despise calling me incessantly, even though I made it VERY clear that I am completely over dealing with poopheads. Yep. Those types of things. Idk. Sometimes I feel like I place really high expectations on people who are somewhat close to me, and that’s why I always end up disappointed in the things that they say or do.

I almost deleted everything I just wrote because it sounded whiny. Buuuuut I’ll post it. I don’t think anyone reads these anyways.

Spring Break was super relaxing – it’s a pity that it ended so soon, but I’m kind of excited for my classes this quarter. FINALLY I get to learn things of practical significance – not that I didn’t learn anything important before, but I finally feel like I get to learn things that I can apply to my career as a school psychologist. No more learning about theories and philosophical underpinnings – nope, none of that! This quarter, it’s all about RTI, research techniques, and assessment strategies! :)

This quarter, I’m taking behavioral assessment, group counseling, school-based interventions, and a research methods class. I sat through three lectures today, and I must say, they were quite pleasant! I’m so happy with how far I’ve come in terms of surviving graduate school. I honestly think the first quarter was the worst – thank goodness for supporting cohort members and parents. FINALLY, I can enjoy my time as a student, since my classes align with my interests! :D

Also as a side-note, I’m starting weight lifting. Yep.

Hi guys!

It’s been awhile (as always.) I think I’m becoming worse and worse about updating my blog posts, but in a way that’s a good thing because it means that I’m being super productive in the real world (or am I??)

This quarter has been extremely brutal – My school psychology classes are going well, but my statistics class is giving me HELL. I’ve never liked math, and this year is no different. I’m actually really anxious about how I will do in the course, because if I get anything lower than a 3.0 GPA, I get kicked out of my program. It’s…a scary thought. The quarter is over in about two weeks – I’m hoping that I make it! :(

It’s almost Spring Break here in Washington. UF students have their break next week, which I’m extremely jealous of! I really miss my friends, and I can’t wait to see them in June. I found a cute bathing suit that I want online, and I’m planning to wear it on beach days when I go back for the summer. I just need a break.


of a lot of things. I don’t know why, but sometimes I feel so unhappy. I know I have many things to be thankful for, but on certain days they just don’t seem “good enough.” Today is one of those days.

Things bothering me at the moment:

  • Due dates
  • People

I think doing pilates would help me feel better. Then of course, it’s homework time. People, I’ll deal with later.


So it’s the second week of Winter Break, and I must say, I’m enjoying every minute of it even though I am stuck here in Washington. First and foremost, my friend and I took a road trip to Spokane and went shopping! It was great because it’s been waaay too long since I’ve gone shopping for sweaters, accessories, and cute socks. Spokane also had a lot of hipster stores which were QUITE interesting. If you guys have any plans to visit Washington, I highly suggest swinging by Spokane and visiting a store called Boo Radley’s. SO FUNNY. That’s all I’m saying.

Another exciting thing that happened was that I bought a new couch for my apartment! The great news is that I only spent $30 for this beautiful couch. At first, I wasn’t sure how to transport the couch from the store to my house, but my friend offered to ask her father’s friend to do that for me since he had a truck. I’ve mentioned this many many times, but the people in Ellensburg are so kind and generous. I’m really considering just living here for the rest of my life instead of moving to Seattle/Bellevue – but that’s to be determined!

Speaking of kind people, my mom’s friend gave me an early Christmas present (s!) She took me out to dinner at this fancy sushi place, and gave me socks and a pass to this exercise/dance studio thing they have in town. I went twice and man, am I out of shape! Starting next quarter, I’d love to get back into exercising every day.

Hmm let’s see what else, what else. Oh yes. So my laptop broke for the second time last week, and that’s kind of the reason why I’ve been mia. But THANKFULLY the guy at the shop was able to fix everything free of charge, since it’s only been a month since I last had it fixed. Pretty thankful I didn’t have to pay another $500! Phew.

That’s all I have to say for now. Peace! :)