is going well.

And by well, I mean severely productive. I work late, very late night shifts at Disney (getting out almost at 3 in the morning), and I’ve been taking two graduate level, online courses. I used to go to the gym 7 days a week, but I have been skipping out on that since my schedule has been so busy.

I’m tired, but at the end of the day, I love having things to do. It’s either work or school, but I’m earning so much both financially and academically that everything is happening for the best. The only con of this whole experience is that I have been a terrible, terrible friend; calling out last minute, not calling back, etc. etc. One day, I will make it up to them for sure.

I’m supposed to make an intervention portfolio for one of my classes. I spent about two hours sketching out the flowchart – and by sketching, I mean writing out the nitty-gritty design stuff. At the end of it, my hand was blue from the ink.

My professor said what we come up with for this project will be a helpful resource for us when we’re released into the field as professionals. So I’m making mine reeeaaaaal good.

summer’s almost here

School is almost over and I am BEYOND excited to get out of here. Not that I have anything against Washington – it’s a beautiful state, and the people are awesome. School’s great too – but seriously, it’s time for me to return to the South. I miss my family. I miss my friends. It’s been half a year since I’ve last seen them!

When I go back, I’m taking a week off of work to hang out with my family and friends. Here’s a list of things I’m planning on doing:

  • Swing by my alma mater, University of Florida (GO GATORS! YEAH!) and hang out with my Gainesville friends.
  • Go shopping. Ellensburg (where I am now) is a BEAUTIFUL town, but honestly on a scale of one to fun, it ranks kind of low. There’s really not much to do, besides going to school and maybe church or something on the weekends. I miss the fun places I used to go in Gainesville (favorite bars, cheap sushi & frozen yogurt places, clubs, lakes, ah the list goes on and on) and also the amazing malls & shopping plazas in Orlando.
  • Go to the beach and do other Floridian things I never really did when I lived there.
  • Go on a roadtrip somewhere – One of my best friends got a car, so we’re taking that baby on a ride :)
  • Make cute art with said best friend
  • Go to the gym and lift. My mom bought a pass, so that means I can keep doing my workouts! :D

So that’s all the fun stuff…Although, I am secretly excited about starting work again. Disney is just such a positive company to work for – I mean, it IS the happiest place on Earth. Most of my earnings will go to repaying my dad for purchasing my plane ticket, but still, it’s awesome to be returning to a place where you’re always surrounded by overly excited, happy people.

Anyways. Yeah. I still have to take summer classes, but they’re online. I’ve taken a bunch of online classes before, but I don’t know how the caliber is going to be this time around. Grad school is some tough stuff.

It takes one car accident to really put your life into perspective. Like, yes, you’re going through tough crap right now…BUT AT LEAST YOU’RE ALIVE.

I’m mentally exhausted from my first “near-death” experience. What a day!

I went to the grocery store to buy some apples, and the friendly guy at the register started a conversation with me. He asked me how my day was going, what I was studying, blah blah blah. Anyways. When I told him that I was studying school psychology, he asked me what I wanted to do with that.

This is such a common theme in the profession of school psychology; nobody knows what the field is about. I’m learning in my classes that most school psychologists have kind of that behind-the-scene, secretive/mysterious presence in the schools they serve, only because they are overloaded with assessments and reports that they need to get through, and that not a lot of time is available to do counseling and other direct interventions. Sorry for that run-on sentence, but it’s true. And it’s really too bad that we don’t get exposure – school psychologists do so much!!

group counseling class

Today, I finally got to meet my professor for the group counseling class. Introverted as I am, I’m kind of nervous about how this class is going to go – she mentioned that we would have to lead a discussion and she will assign one of our peers to cause mayhem (interruptions, asking difficult questions, not participating, etc.) I know in the field, having noncompliant children is common so I see where she is getting at with this assignment…but still. Improv isn’t my thing AT ALL, so I am dreading the day I have to present! :(

Something that I am super excited is this: I get to make a mock-up flyer/brochure for the class! I’ve been DYING to get some of my creativity out, so I’m beyond stoked about this! We also get to do an obstacle course at the end of the quarter with our cohort, which is part of a team-building activity. Happy days are ahead…after the leading-the-group-discussion-with-interruptions assignment.

kind of personal

Yesterday I spoke to my mom on the phone in Japanese and I felt like a handicapped child. It’s frustrating sometimes when the language you speak is very restrictive; and by restrictive, I mean that there’s only a handful of people in my life who speak it, and half the time these people don’t want to talk/listen to me. I wish Japanese was as prevalent as Spanish; then I would have more opportunities to speak it and maybe sound like I actually know what I’m talking about.

I don’t know if you all can tell, but I’ve been in a slightly pissy mood lately. I know it’s only been a day since I uploaded my “happy” post, but I decided to keep the negativity out of that piece of fantastic writing because it was my first post for April.

It’s kind of weird because what’s been irritating me are very minute things; NOTHING related to school and, well, the here-and-now. It’s something small like someone not responding timely on facebook even though they have read the message, or like giving me a super sassy answer to a question I wanted a genuine answer for. Or someone I despise calling me incessantly, even though I made it VERY clear that I am completely over dealing with poopheads. Yep. Those types of things. Idk. Sometimes I feel like I place really high expectations on people who are somewhat close to me, and that’s why I always end up disappointed in the things that they say or do.

I almost deleted everything I just wrote because it sounded whiny. Buuuuut I’ll post it. I don’t think anyone reads these anyways.