I’m really excited about tomorrow because I have a meeting with my program director about where I want to do my internship (and also practicum!)

I was thinking of doing both in the Seattle area, but the practicum might be at a local school because I will still be taking classes at Central during the Winter and Spring quarters.

My parents want me to do an internship somewhere in Central/Eastern Washington (particularly my mom) because she is just in LOVE with small towns! She wants to visit Leavenworth, for instance, if I were to land an internship there.

Sigh. I love new beginnings. I can’t wait to talk to my director about my internship options tomorrow. Apparently, there is a high demand for school psych internship positions everywhere in the state (paid or unpaid, that is a whole different issue) so I will have a lot of places to choose from. Eeeee! :D

There are two things in the world I want more than anything right now:

An iPad Pro (coming out in November!!) and a corgi.

My life will be complete once I acquire these two things. I’m planning to purchase the iPad Pro as soon as it is released because my laptop is dying, but the corgi will have to wait until I finish grad school.

One of the advantages of working at Disney over the summer is that you learn how to balance your time better. Especially with a seasonal position (clocking in at almost 60 hours a week), you really need to be conscientious of the time you have everyday.

I got back to Washington not too long ago, and I’ve already been super productive. It’s easy to fall into the trap of taking a nap here (the weather is SO beautiful, and everything is so calm and serene). But thanks to Disney, I was able to prevent myself from dozing off; it’s only been two days, but I knocked off a lot of things on my to-do list, and I feel so proud of myself.

I start school next week. I honestly don’t know how I feel about this – a part of me will miss being on break, but another part of me really wants to get this grad school thing over and done with.


The countdown of my departure is coming closer and closer. My flight back to Washington is in four days…and I am sad.

Although I love Washington and my program, it’s never easy for me to say goodbye to my family, and well, to the comforts of home. I love having a job (Disney!) and feeling productive whenever I pick up shifts. I love coming home from work early, and my mom being there to ask me how my day went. On weekends, I love hanging out with my dad and just talking to him about things that are too serious of a topic for my mom and brother. My best friends are also in Florida…which makes it that much harder to leave.

Tonight, over dinner, my dad was joking around that I will cry at the airport again. I probably will.

A while ago, I saw a quote on IG that went something like…”remember why you started in the first place.” I probably would benefit from some self reflection. Why did I pick a school in a state so far away from home. Better program, easier transition to Seattle, all of that is still in my head, but I really need to feel the passion behind my decision again to make myself feel better.


is going well.

And by well, I mean severely productive. I work late, very late night shifts at Disney (getting out almost at 3 in the morning), and I’ve been taking two graduate level, online courses. I used to go to the gym 7 days a week, but I have been skipping out on that since my schedule has been so busy.

I’m tired, but at the end of the day, I love having things to do. It’s either work or school, but I’m earning so much both financially and academically that everything is happening for the best. The only con of this whole experience is that I have been a terrible, terrible friend; calling out last minute, not calling back, etc. etc. One day, I will make it up to them for sure.

I’m supposed to make an intervention portfolio for one of my classes. I spent about two hours sketching out the flowchart – and by sketching, I mean writing out the nitty-gritty design stuff. At the end of it, my hand was blue from the ink.

My professor said what we come up with for this project will be a helpful resource for us when we’re released into the field as professionals. So I’m making mine reeeaaaaal good.